Easy to use bed sensor

Notifies a carer when somebody leaves a bed or chair

The ultimate Bed Safety Sensor

Auto Bed Alert is an easy to use sensor that notifies a carer when someone leaves the bed or chair

How to use it

It is a small hygienic device that attaches to a bed or chair without touching the person. Follow the instructions to attach sensor securely to the bed or chair. Carers respond to the alert.

Android App

Download the free Auto Bed Alert App from Google Play Store. Plug in the Sensor into a standard power socket


App Connects

The App guides you through the steps to connect to Wifi. When connected, attach the sensor device to the bed or chair using either the built-in magnet or the velcro provided

Receive Alerts

Receive Alerts via App on your device when the person leaves the bed or chair. The Carer responds to the alert

How it works

Auto Bed Alert uses wireless vibration sensors to detect human vital signs and then relays the presence of a live human person to the Android App. 

Nothing Else like it on the Market

Auto Bed Alert is technologically way more advanced than anything else available today. It is a sensor that does not ever need to touch the person and works by detecting a live human heart rate

Hygienic & Easy Wipe Surface

Auto Bed Alert is an extremely hygienic device. It does not need to be regularly cleaned as it is not under where the person is lying, nor is it under their feet. It is a easy wipe-down vinyl and is sealed for infection control


Safety is the ultimate priority in a fall prevention aid. Auto Bed Alert is an extremely safe product. Floor mats can be trip hazards, which ultimately defeats the purpose of the product in the first place – to enhance safety. Auto Bed Alert is ultimately ‘A Safety-First Product'

Discrete & Non-Invasive Solution

Auto Bed Alert is a discrete solution. The small sensor attaches to the person’s bed or chair and is plugged into a power outlet in the wall. It does not make noise or cause any form of disturbance to the person being cared for and allows them to comfortably rest

Long term Environmental Sustainability

Many Bed and Floor mats need to be replaced yearly and have a significant carbon footprint, both in the manufacturing processes and the disposal processes. Auto Bed Alert can be reused over and over again, making it extremely sustainable and earth-friendly

Cost Benefits

Auto Bed Alert does not need to be replaced on an annual basis and it comes with a 30-Day money back guarantee, making it an excellent investment

Bed Sensors for Nursing Homes and Residential Care

More durable and accurate than bed mats, floor mats or bed leg cups
1. Staff get notified when a resident leaves their bed or chair
2. Supports Multiple Sensors per patient
3. Multiple carers can respond to alerts - Carers can be assigned to specific patient sensors
4. Supports for multiple Care homes
5. Management Reports

The Product

Replacement for Bed and Floor Mat sensors. Our Engineering team have been developing this revolutionary Internet of Things sensor device for the past 3 years.  It;s functionality far exceeds any other solution on the market today.

Product Dimensions – 3 meter cable which comes with a standard plug which goes into to the wall socket. 

The sensor itself is 1.5 inches wide x 2 inches long x 0.5 inches depth

Compatible with Android Devices


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