5 Things to Know When Choosing Bed Sensors for Nursing Homes

There are many factors influencing our decisions on which is the best bed sensor solution for nursing homes, hospitals and residential care facilities.  It is difficult to evaluate which is the best one as there are so many choices, but we feel like there is clearly a leading answer.  Here are the top 5 reasons that Auto Bed Alert is the best choice in bed sensor products:


  1. Nothing Else like it on the Market

There is nothing else like it on the market today, it is a truly disruptive product.  Auto Bed Alert is technologically way, way more advanced that anything else on the market.  It is an internet-of-things sensor designed to aid in fall prevention, which does this without ever touching the person or making any sound that disturbs the resident.


  1. Hygiene, Cleaning and Infection Control

Because this is a non-touch wireless sensor, it removes the necessity to sanitise and clean bed and floor mats regularly.  Auto Bed Alert is a small hygienic device that attaches to the bed or chair of the person using it.  It does not need to be regularly cleaned as it is not under where the person is lying, nor is it under their feet.


  1. Safety First

Safety is the ultimate priority in care settings.  Auto Bed Alert is an extremely safe product.   Floor mats can be trip hazards if the persons foot trips on them, or the wires that are attached to them, which defeat the purpose of the product in the first place – to enhance safety.  With Auto Bed Alert the device is attached to the bed or chair with no wires or mats that can potentially be a fall hazard.  This product is ultimately ‘A Safety-First Product’.


  1. Comfortable and Discrete Solution

Auto Bed Alert is a comfortable and discrete solution.  The small sensor attaches to the person’s bed or chair and is plugged into an mains outlet in the wall.  It does not make noise or cause any form of disturbance to the person being cared for, allowing them to comfortably rest.   It simply alerts the carer with an alarm within 3 seconds that the person has left the bed or chair, so they can respond immediately.


  1. Long term Environmental, Sustainability and Long-term Cost Benefits

Bed and Floor mats need to be replaced every 2 to 3 years and have a significant carbon footprint, both in the manufacturing processes and the disposal processes.   Auto Bed Alert is designed as a solution with a greatly reduced carbon footprint.   It is a small re-usable device, smaller than the size of a computer mouse and slightly larger in size than a small bar of soap.    Unlike the competing products on the market, it can be reused over and over again, making it an extremely cost-effective solution.  There is little or no replacement cost and minimal disposal costs.   This friendly-to-the-earth option uses much less materials in the manufacturing process than the closest competing solutions.   In addition, most of the components are recyclable.

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