How Do Bed Sensors Work and Who Should Buy Them?

What do Bed Sensors Do?

Firstly, let’s explain what Bed Sensors do.  As we get older, many of us require increased levels of care.  It is crucial for our loved ones to be safe and secure and receive care when we need it.   The best way to provide this care is to invest in a good bed sensor system, such as Auto Bed Alert.  Bed Sensors work by immediately alerting a carer that a person has left the chair or bed. Bed Sensors replace cumbersome Floor and Bed Mat solutions and have the advantage of the use of sophisticated non-touch technology.


How do Wireless Bed Sensors Work?

The most advanced solutions on the market today for bed sensors uses wireless technology.  A small sensor clips on to a person’s bed or chair without touching the person.  It works as an alarm system which is connected to the internet and it alerts a carer via an app when the person leaves the chair or bed.  The sensor works by detecting heart rate.  Every few seconds it updates the system with the current status of the person.  If it detects lack of presence of a live heart rate on the chair or bed, it sends an alert within 3 seconds via an app to the carer’s smart device, smartphone, desktop or tablet.    The carer then goes to provide assistance.  When used in nursing homes or residential care settings, the system has the added advantage of letting the carer know exactly which resident in which room requires assistance so they understand exactly where to go and can do so in an expedient manor.


How does Auto Bed Alert compare to other solutions on the market?

Bed pads and bed mats are based on weight on the bed or mat.  However, many of these solutions are not very reliable.  Auto Bed Alert actually tracks a live heart rate as is extremely accurate.  It knows the heart rate of the person in the bed or chair and when the heart rate disappears it knows the person has left the bed or chair.  In other words, it knows if there is human presence or not.

The problem with current systems is that they are not sufficient.  Weight on a bed or mat is not an accurate portrayal of whether there is someone actually in the bed or not.  Auto Bed Alert is far more reliable and accurate solution. Also, it’s not a trip hazard AND in addition, it doesn’t require the cumbersome maintenance that bed pads, bed mats or floor mats require.  Nor does it require the resident to wear a bracelet or any other piece of equipment.


What is the advantage of using Auto Bed Alert in Nursing Homes, Residential Care Centers or Hospitals?

One key advantage Auto Bed Alert is that the system records data.   It tracks how many times in a specific time-period that a particular resident has gotten out of bed, and at what times,  and also it knows how many times a carer has gone to respond to that resident.  It knows the length of time it takes to get to that person.  It provides management reports about exactly how active the resident has been and also how active the carer has been.  This is a huge advantage for management and it’s also good for the families of people who are in a nursing homes because they can be shown how active their loved one has been, and the quality of care provided.    It’s a record of actual events that no other system can provide.


Who uses Wireless Bed Sensors?

Wireless Bed Sensors are used in many care settings.   They can be used in private homes, hospitals, residential care centers or nursing homes. They are the number one solution to help alert staff to provide care.


What problems do a Wireless Bed Sensor Solve?

Auto Bed Alert solves several different problems.  Firstly, it is a safe, secure product that can take the worry and stress out of needing to know when to provide care.   It is the new way to take care of residents and loved ones.  It is a long-term solution and means no more changing out or cleaning bed pads and bed mats.  It is a seamless, hygienic and technologically advanced solution that is very cost-effective and user friendly.  The resident is not bothered by it in any way – there are no annoying beeps or alarms coming from it – it’s completely silent and allows residents to rest.  It alerts staff is a live heart rate is no-longer detected on the bed or chair.


Why should I purchase Auto Bed Alert?

You should definitely purchase Auto Bed Alert and here is the reason why.  The product makes life a lot easier if you own or run a residential care facility, or if you are responsible for caring for a loved one.   It does not require cumbersome cleaning and regular replacement.  It is an extremely cost-effective product that that uses clever technology, which is the most advanced on the market today.  It is an excellent long-term solution that provides a superior overall level of care.   It generates reports that provide clarity for making management decisions.  With access to these reports,  levels of care required can be predicted, down to the individual person.  This data can be accessed via any web browser and it has reporting features of carer response times.  If you need any of these features, then this is the right product for you, as it’s the only one of it’s kind that is available today.


Where can I find more information about Auto Bed Alert?

You can find more information by visiting , call us on 087 143 3949 or by emailing us at

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